Kerio API Software Kerio and WHMCS, the API bridge for Kerio Connect and WHMCS billing software, KerioCP the ideal Server module to automate your WHMCS billing system with your Kerio Connect servers.

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New Version 2.0

We are going to release version 2.0 soon. The main change will include client front-end KerioCP App that will let your users manage there domain settings including adding and editing users, along with every function available in the Client domain pages of the Kerio Connect server right in your WHMCS client front-end. This update removes the users from ever going to the Kerio Connect server admin pages forcing your users to use the new KerioCP app in your WHMCS system to manage there Kerio email account. All of the functions are available in the KerioCP app i n your WHMCS install plus a few more that your clients could normally do in the Kerio Admin pages.

Verion 2 is fully made with a bootstrap Responsive Design and can use any bootstrap template.

If you are a current client you can request the beta release version and test it for your self by opening a support ticket requesting a test version.


We are backing up the release day just a few days and will be live with the new version in the second week of Dec 2014. We have decided to upgrade some of our network at the same time and its delaying the release of the new software version.

Version 1.7

Version 1.7 added the new admin management add-on to view all of your Kerio Servers in one nice page. The admin management add-on will let you view every server you have including lots of server stats and we have started to add real management functions to control the Kerio servers in your system. The management add-on also displays your domains and users with stats.

We will be moving to version 2.0 soon and will stop supporting 1.7 after we release 2.0 sometime soon.

Admin Screen Shots

  Admin Features

  • Auto provision accounts on payment
  • Set products limits
  • Create server groups
  • Auto terminate a domain
  • Custom signup emails
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Client Screen Shots

  Client Features

  • Change admin password
  • Customizable help tab
  • Account storage stats
  • Direct Kerio login links
  • Add more users anytime
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Auto Create a Domain


Automatically create a Domain on a sale. The module allows you to create a new domain on your Kerio Connect server direct from WHMCS.

Auto Terminate a Domain


Automatically Terminate a domain when a product is terminated automatically for non payment, it is cancelled and removed from the server.

Auto Create Domain Admin


Automatically create a the master Domain admin user on a sale. The module allows you to create the first user in the domain and set the user as the Admin users for the domain direct from WHMCS.

Kerio API Software


This module doesn't require any additional software or something to install on your Kerio Servers!

WHMCS frontend Client Panel


The client also has an array of functions and statistics from within the client area including, change password, user statistics, quotas, help notes.

Multiple Kerio Connect Servers


Multiple server control, you can now automate account creation on unlimited Kerio Connect servers.

With our WHMCS Module for Kerio Connect you can now automate the entire selling and terminating your Kerio Connect customers. No more need to manually setup your sales on your Kerio servers, the Kerio module will provision your online sales once the client pays you within seconds saving you valuable time. The WHMCS hosting billing software system is a shopping cart with many stock and after market provision modules avalible. Our module for Kerio Connect is the first commercially available software that uses the Kerio Connect API and we have many new features we are testing and will provide many new features in the near future. We are dedicated to make the Kerio Connect module the best we can and are looking for user feed back and ideas so we can make our module everything you need it to do.

Current Version

Product Updates

Forth Release: 1.29.12 @ 13:33 EST. Today we have released version 1.3 of KerioCP for WHMCS.
Third Release: 1.12.12 @ 12:00 EST. The Update beta version 1.2 of WHMCS Kerio Connect module is now avalible.

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