• KerioCP Version 2

    Version 2 is the most complete self hosted Kerio Connect billing and client management system available.
  • Beautiful Simple Design

    Made with Bootstrap 3 and can be customized with your own Bootstrap theme making it fit your brand.
  • Rich Features

    Your clients will have full management of the hosted email domain in KerioCP client management App.
  • Responsive Design

    No limits of supported devices, clients can manage there email domain on any modern mobile device.
  • Take Control

    Take back control of your Kerio Connect servers with KerioCP's user and disk limiting system for WHMCS.
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Powerful Administration

Kerio CP WHMCS Billing Cloud Central Admin

Your Product - Your WAY
We added over 100 ways to combine Users and Disk space in the packages creation system. Now you can create you can create endless possibilities.

Key Features
Sell a email domain and provision with payment
User Limiting system
Disk Limiting system
Domain wide storage that can be assigned to users
Option for Unlimited disk users as well as limited disk users
Full client-side logging
Auto configure a external Spam Gateway
(SpamTitan Config Included)

Clients Easily Manage There Email Domain With KerioCP

Version 2 now includes the KerioCP client front-end management App, built to let your users manage their hosted Kerio email domain settings including adding and editing users, along with every function available in the client domain pages of the Kerio Connect server right in your WHMCS client front-end. With the new client App we removed the users from ever going to the Kerio Connect server admin pages, forcing your users to use the new KerioCP App in your WHMCS system to manage there Kerio email account.

Responsive and Beautiful on any Device

Kerio CP WHMCS Billing Cloud Responsive


KerioCP for WHMCS is desinged for every device with a simple design to look Beautiful on any device.

Built with Bootstrap 3 you can include your custom Bootstrap theme and make KerioCP your own brand.

What is KerioCP

KerioCP "Kerio Connect Plugin" is a plugin module for WHMCS web host billing software.

Beautiful, full featured, Kerio Connect domain email admin management app for WHMCS
Powerful admin system to create and manage products with limiting system for users and disk space.
Users are forced to use KerioCP's front-end management app to manage there email domain.
You will take control back and never let you users have free rain on disk space again.

Admin Features & Screen Shots

Addon Module

  • View Kerio Servers
  • Servers and Domain Overview
  • Account storage stats
  • Direct Kerio login links
  • Client-side logging
  • Create custom help page
  • Set Client side branding logo

Kerio Module Settings

  • Auto provision accounts on payment
  • Set products limits
  • Set limits on max email size
  • Set domain limits of retention
  • Multi packages per domain
  • Unlimited disk users
  • Enable a Spam Gateway

General Functions

  • Create server groups
  • Unlimited Kerio Servers
  • Custom signup emails
  • Lots of ways to make packages
  • Restart server services
  • Add custom Bootstrap theme
  • SpamTitan profile included

Client Features & Screen Shots

  • Order New Hosted Email Doamin
  • Add, edit and delete users
  • Assign and edit disk space to users
  • Buy more users anytime (if enabled)
  • Buy more disk space anytime (if enabled)
  • Set users as public folder admins
  • Set if the users should be included in GAL
  • Domain Alias (maps extra domain names to main domain)
  • User Alias (add extra email to user)
  • Create and edit users forwarders
  • Create and edit Domain Forwarders
  • Create and edit Domain Groups
  • Create and edit Malling Lists
  • Create and edit Domain Resources
  • Enable there DKIM key from the server

Auto Create a Domain


Automatically create a Domain on a sale. The module allows you to create a new domain on your Kerio Connect server direct from WHMCS.

Multiple Kerio Servers


Multiple server control, you can now automate account creation on unlimited Kerio Connect servers.

Kerio API Software


This module doesn't require any additional software or something to install on your Kerio Servers!

System Requirements

This is the list of the basic requirements needed to make R1apps Kerio CP module work with WHMCS and your Kerio Connect servers.

KerioCP for Connect Server Requirements

  • Kerio Connect Version 8.3+ (should work with some older version as well)
  • Full server administrator privileges (user-name and password)
  • Public IP address of your Kerio Connect server
  • Firewall open to access Kerio Connect API (Port # 4040)
  • A valid license key for your Kerio Connect Server ('s)

WHMCS billing system

  • R1apps Kerio CP module license key https://www.keriocp.com
  • WHMCS version 5.3+ https://www.whmcs.com
  • WHMCS license key provide from WHMCS directly, a Reseller or R1apps - R1 Networks can sell you a license Keys if you need one but its not included with the R1apps Kerio CP module license.

Web Server that Hosts your WHMCS install requirements.

  • Many different web-servers will work like Apache, Windows IIS, and many more please check with WHMCS of there requirements.
  • PHP 5.3+ with Curl compiled in to PHP
  • MySql Database
  • IonCube Loaders version 4.5+ https://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php
Viewing R1 Apps Pages
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • FireFox most versions
  • Crome - most versions
FrontEnd Pages
  • Internet Explore 9+ (we recoment 10+)
  • FireFox
  • Crome
  • Many More
R1 Apps can install the Kerio CP module and setup the products for you, all you need to do is order installation services from us in our shopping system.

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